Top 4 Picks For April

### [Shepherd's Pie with Cheesy Sweet Potato]( ![DID00139HERO AllinOneShepherdsPie 07](// Right as the weather starts to cool, this comfort-food classic is perfect for the whole family to dive into. Topped with creamy sweet potato, simply melt our golden grated cheese and serve in the same pan. This cheesy winter warmer is available the week 1/4. ### [Greek-Style Lamb Pasta with Oregano and Feta]( ![DID00146HERO GreekStyleLambPasta 05](// A hearty bowl of pasta is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Ratchet up the flavour with a rustic Greek-style lamb sauce, baby spinach and everyone's favourite cheese, feta. This Greek twist on an Italian classic is on the Dinnerly menu 8/4. ### [Mild Indian Tofu and Pumpkin Curry with Spinach]( ![DID00293HERO MildIndianTofuCurry 101](// As comforting as a hug, this curry bowl wraps buttery pumpkin, marinated tofu and spinach in a luscious mild Indian masala and coconut sauce. Plus it’s fast to prepare and healthy! Warm your belly and soul with this curry the week of 15/4. ### [Korean-Style Sticky Chicken and Rice with Radish and Lettuce Cups]( ![DID00189HERO KoreanStyleChickenAndRice 01](// It doesn't get better than a plate of tender chicken coated in sticky sauce. Just add steamed rice, crunchy pickled veggies and lettuce cups for wrapping and awesome rice bowl. Dinnerly customers can cook up this sticky, delicious, bowl of goodness the week of 22/4.